My name is Jemuel, I’m a 24-year old Music Producer & Sound Engineer from Canberra, Australia. I have been producing & mixing for many years now and in the past 2 years I’ve built my business NewBorn Noise from the ground up, working with talented independent artists from all around the world, and helping them polish their art by offering quality production & mixing. 

I have also stayed consistent, producing and uploading over 200 Hip Hop Instrumentals in the space of 2 years and generating sales through the beat store. My passion lies in crafting smooth, soulful Hip Hop beats with a unique blend of hard hitting Old School Boom Bap & Trap. I have always loved mixing, from making my drums smack, to gluing all the elements in the mix together, to creating a pocket for the vocals to sit in perfectly. 

Other than production and mixing, I also write, perform and release my own music under the name MN Cappo. I love marketing, and I am always looking for new ways to stay creative through the marketing stage of releasing music or running my business.

Run by The Guilty Party and MN Cappo (AKA CEO of NewBorn Noise), Berra Bars is a series that highlights talented Hip Hop Artists from The Australian Capital Territory (Canberra). Watch all Episodes now on The Guilty Party YouTube Channel.

Check out all 6 Episodes now in the Playlist below! All of these were recorded and mixed by us and most of the beats were also produced by us!

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